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The management, through its principals have many years’ experience in manager selection and proprietary trading. The team has long standing relationships with many of the managers in our portfolios and has allocated to them in the past. We have assembled financial industry leaders to advise and assist SUNSPEAR through our rapid growth while ensuring the highest level of client service.

Richard Novack

Richard has extensive experience in proprietary trading and risk management after trading equities, options, futures and other derivatives on a broad range of underlying assets on global capital markets for nearly 30 years, including roles as senior trader and founding partner / owner in boutique proprietary trading firms.

Since 2013 specialized in the identification and assessment of hedge funds implementing generally uncorrelated quantitative based strategies. Richard has a deep understanding of the nuances of the emerging manager space and more recently, has established Monviso as a UK regulated investment advisory firm specialized in manager selection, due diligence, portfolio construction and management. Previously formed and acted as CIO for a unique multimanager multi strategy fund.

As founder and CIO of AlphaHawk, the returns for 3 precursor advisory portfolios had a lowest annual return of 7.55% w/1.33 Sarpe and these portfolios included many of the strategies now currently in the SunSpear portfolios. While running ASI and Matrix Investments, as proprietary trading firms, returns were positive in each year from 2002 to 2013. From his partner MJ Hudson, Richard refined his skills while overseeing the complete selection and due diligence process for a client portfolio including both strategy and required ODD.


Richard Novack


The world of boutique hedge funds promises excellent risk adjusted returns, however it is often considered opaque, risky and confusing. The goal of SunSpear is to navigate that market on behalf of our clients and to use our expertise to identify a selection of smaller, world-class managers that can be combined into an effective and reliable investment product.

“It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.”
John Templeton

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